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Type: Board, Committee or Commission
Meeting location: City Hall, Room 128 7525 W. Greenfield Ave.

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2.55 Historical Commission Purpose. To preserve, safeguard and promote the historic heritage of the city and its locality; to manage publicly owned or leased historical properties; to preserve and care for all records and other articles and materials of historical interest on behalf of the city; to promote and foster the historical education, pleasure and welfare of the community; and, to otherwise promote the general health, safety and welfare of the community; for these purposes and the necessity therefore in the public interest, the provisions of this section are enacted and declared as a matter of legislative determination and intent. Definitions. As used in this section: "City" means the City of West Allis. "Commission" means the Historical Commission of the City of West Allis. "Common Council" means the Common Council of the City. Created. There is hereby created an Historical Commission to be known as "The Historical Commission of the City of West Allis". The Commission shall have the powers and duties set forth in this section. Structure. The Commission shall consist of the Mayor, or his or her designee, the President of the Municipal Library Board of the City, or his or her designee, and five (5) members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Common Council appointed for staggered five (5) year terms. The Director of Development, the Library Director, and the Director of Public Works of the City, or their respective designees, shall serve as non-voting members. At least two (2) members to be appointed by the Mayor shall be persons with professional qualifications in history or a related field, including, but not limited to, architecture, art history, urban and regional planning, or law. The two (2) members required to be appointed for their professional qualifications need not be residents of the City. Officers. The Mayor, or his or her designee, shall serve as Chairperson of the Commission and may appoint a member as Vice-Chairperson. The Chairperson shall preside at meetings, and the Vice-Chair shall preside in the absence of the Chairperson. Meetings. All meetings of the Commission shall be open to the public; the meetings shall be noticed and conducted in compliance with state laws relating to open meetings. The Commission may adopt rules of order for the conduct of its business. Volunteers. The Commission shall use volunteers to the maximum extent possible to perform the functions of the Commission. Staff. The Planning and Zoning Program Staff shall provide staff support for the Commission. Powers and Duties. The Commission shall possess the following powers and duties: Subject to approval and directive of the City, manage all lands, buildings or other property owned or leased by the City or which are otherwise under the custody and control of the City for historical purposes. Management obligations hereunder do not include maintenance of lands and buildings nor the provision of custodial services; Serve as trustee of the City in the preservation and care of all records, articles and other materials of historic interest and significance placed in its custody by the City; Assist in the collection and preservation of the books, documents and artifacts relating to the history of the City and its locality; Conduct lectures, exhibits and other programs upon local historical subjects; and for this purpose, cooperate with the local school board and other educational institutions and historical societies; Subject to approval of the City, receive, manage and dispose of gifts and donations for the benefit of the society, according to the terms of the deed of gift, devise or bequest; No fee shall be charged for admission to any historical property under its management; except, a fee may be collected for admission to defray the cost of lecturers, special exhibits, programs or events held on such property; Faithfully conserve, expend and apply all money received to the fulfillment of its powers and duties, consistent with its purposes as directed by the City; Make a report of its work and a budget request annually to the Mayor and Common Council of the City; and, Promulgate rules necessary and appropriate to the implementation of this section. Cooperation. The Commission shall cooperate with the Municipal Library Board with respect to the management and preservation of books, periodicals, pamphlets, records, tracks, manuscripts, maps, charts and other papers, artifacts, relics, paintings, photographs and other materials illustrative of the history of West Allis and the localities that are under the custody and control of the Commission. Historic Preservation. The Commission shall advise the City with respect to the acquisition and disposition of historic property or the making of any grants of funds to any public or private entity for the purpose of preserving or rehabilitating historic property, pursuant to ยง 66.037 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Buildings and Grounds. Except as otherwise specifically provided by the City, the Department of Public Works shall maintain and provide custodial services for all lands and buildings owned or leased or which are otherwise under the custody and control of the City for historical purposes.