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Type: Board, Committee or Commission
Meeting location: City Hall, Room 128 7525 W. Greenfield Ave.

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2.39 Board Of Appeals How Constituted. The Board of Appeals shall consist of five (5) members appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation of the Common Council, for terms of three (3) years. The members of the Board shall serve without compensation and shall be removable by the Mayor for cause upon written charges and after public hearing. The terms of not more than two (2) members shall expire in any one calendar year. The Mayor shall designate one (1) of the members Chairman. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired terms of members whose terms become vacant. The Mayor shall appoint, for staggering terms of three (3) years, two (2) alternate members of such Board, in addition to the five (5) members above provided for. Annually, the Mayor shall designate one of the alternate members as "first alternate" and the other as "second alternate." The first alternate shall act, with full power, only when a member of the Board refuses to vote because of interest or when a member is absent. The second alternate shall so act only when the first alternate so refuses or is absent or when more than one member of the Board refuses or is absent. The above provisions, with regard to removal and the filling of vacancies, shall apply to such alternates. Functions and Duties. The Board shall have such functions and duties as are prescribed by Section 12.15 of this Code and Sec. 62.23(7)(e) of the Wisconsin Statutes.